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Posted By: GUEST,Steamin' Willie
16-Dec-10 - 06:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: How to Deal With People Complaining
Subject: RE: BS: How to Deal With People Complain
The beauty of not having a membership... Nobody can pm me.

Mind you, seems like I have been missing out on some good pms.. Frustrating for the whingers, they have to either ignore my posts, (fair enough, but can frustrate them if it is their ego at the keyboard,) or show their true colours even further, which is interesting to say the least.

A good many years ago, I had cause to sack an employee. the details aren't important and it was one of the those nice but rare occasions where the tribunal agreed with us.

The following Xmas, I received a card. It was all professionally printed, (where DID he buy it from? I want some...) and on the front it said;

Merry Xmas. Jesus loves you.

When you opened it, it said;

But everybody else reckons you are a cunt.

Made my day. Perhaps if I joined up,as I am sure Joe Offer would prefer we all do, I too can go back to laughing at the absurdity of others' takes on me. Assuming I am worthy of a pm from our armchair socialist brethren?

Mind you, some have a go within threads. I like that. one nice person even looked up a definition for Steamin' Willie. Shocking, but I don't read the sorts of websites he must go on. he has been calling me Mr Fluids ever since!