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Posted By: Gervase
16-Dec-10 - 05:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: How to Deal With People Complaining
Subject: RE: BS: How to Deal With People Complain
I find PMs are great at revealing the true nature of posters here. For example, this is a taste of a steaming mess that arrived in my inbox from one recent arrival here who seems to be posting rather prolifically (although rarely about music):
Have you a problem whiskers are do you want one ?
Go fuck yourself you old cunt...
Laughing my cunt out here, what the fuck could an ole cunt at your age do ? come on tell me. I have have my head in and out of that pit marked face of yours before you knew what happened. BNP ? Sorry cunt, I don't like them. I see you are on bebo and facebook, like the young ones then I take it, you should select a better picture than the one of you wearing the hat holding the doggie looks a bit dodgy, it has kiddyfiddler written all over it.

Do yourself a favour and don't cross swords with me, then again, it just might be fun to play you like a fiddle, your call you ole cunt.

Interesting how the unmediated style is so different to the cut'n'pasted Daily Mail views one sees from the public posts of this person.
So, Richie, should I take such messages as a masterclass in how to deal with people complaining? ;-)