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Posted By: Mbo
25-Sep-00 - 07:18 PM
Thread Name: Sgt.Kat and Her Howling Mudcat Commandos
Subject: RE: Sgt.Kat and Her Howling Mudcat Commandos
pssssssst....over here! whispered a voice. Mbo could see Naemanson, Mousethief, Little Hawk & Cleigh making their way down the dark hall. Over here! he whispered again. In a dark corner of the hall, there was a single sewer grate. The escapees could see something small reflecting a tiny pinpoint of light at them. They made their way towards it. As they reached the corner, they could see a hand reaching up through the grate. It had a Hohner HotMetal "G" harmonica grasped in it. Silently, Mbo lifted the grate. C'mon, down here. There are sewers that run underneath this compound. That's how I got in. I'm Special Agent Mbo, and I was sent here to rescued you by the World Anti Male-Bashing Association (WAMBA), on orders from President Si Kahn himself. Be as quiet as possible and slip down here. We we reach the outside, I have a couple Lonestar Roughrider Dustbikes waiting. Nothin' can out run 'em. Not even the minions of Kat herself..

One by one, they each silently lowered themselves down the short shaft and into the sewer. When Little Hawk at last dropped down, as quiet as a mouse (not a mousethief) replaced the grate. And so he led them through the labyrinthine sewers, reeking of cheap perfume.

The time has almost come. he whispered to the desperate men behind him. When THE SWAMP SONG will be released upon the world. And President Kahn thinks you four are the best suited for this immense task...