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Posted By: katlaughing
25-Sep-00 - 06:55 PM
Thread Name: Sgt.Kat and Her Howling Mudcat Commandos
Subject: RE: Sgt.Kat and Her Howling Mudcat Commandos
mumble, mumble...Ouch, damn it, this stupid veil! Alright wimmin, here's the way I see it. They're men, right? And, we all know what men want, right? We will dazzle them with a few teases; spin them round with a few twists and twirls; get them all hot and bothered, let them think they are gonna get "it", THEN, we'll go for their throats. Remember the Magic Plastic Fingernail Activator? You either bite down on it, releasing the cyanide so yer lips are sealed forever, OR, you pierce the enemy's throat with it. Sweet release for them and you get yer arse outta there! Alright, whadda ya say? Hut, 2,3, 4, GO!

Heya, Ali, darlin'...this is Godiva chocolate, isn't it? How did you know it was my favourite? C'mere, sweetie. It's been a long, long time....

As Kat worked her wiles with Ali Inkomfree, the rest of her crew spread out with the various boy-toy cum guards...glimpses of beauteous flesh, rippling muscles flashing in the flickering light of braziers fragrant with exotic scents....