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Posted By: michaelr
13-Dec-10 - 05:32 PM
Thread Name: Translation from Scots req'd
Subject: Translation from Scots req'd
This is from The Dogsbody Papers:

I lang hae thought, my English friend,
Some good advice to proffer,
From wisdom that the ancients kenned
The best a Bard can offer.

'Twill help you thro' this Vale o' Woe,
An' win Dame Fortune's smile,
An' bring bad tidings to your foe
An' mak' him rin a mile.

'Twill gain you, if the truth be told,
The favour o' the lasses,
An' fill your pouches fu' o' gold
An' keep topped up your glasses.

'Twill mak' a guid man o' a bad,
A scholar o' a dunce;
So pin your lugs back, Jimmy lad,
I'll no' but say this once.

Gin aiblins clish-ma-davers scrieve
A daimen-icker thrave;
Gif oughtlins houghmagandie nieve
Han'-wale it wi' the lave;
Tho' pickle, plackless pechans pyke
An' a' gae tapsalteerie,
In orra duddies, on yer byke,
Awa' an' ca' yer peerie.

Can anyone translate that last verse?