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Posted By: Midchuck
25-Sep-00 - 07:36 AM
Thread Name: OPEN D TUNING
Moonjen, thank you - not so much for the specificity as to gender as for the "boy." As my 59th birthday approaches it's nice to think I have someone fooled.

I play a strongly rhythmic boom-chunka "Carter" style guitar - being in a trio with a mad fiddler and a mad mandolinist/blues guitarist, I have to - and I like the Drop-D capo for playing in E or F (with a standard capo 2 frets lower), because I use the D formation, which I think sounds better for folk and country than the E, unless you're doing blues, but I get the low bass note in the "D" (actually E) chord; and I also have that note as an alternating V bass in the "G" (actually A) chord. The Drop-D also works well for playing in A, Bb, or B, using G positions.

I like DADGAD for a few specific songs - mostly slow ballads with a celtic sound, that most people would probably do unaccompanied but I'm not brave enough to. Used it on HearMe the other night for "Reynardine," and Mbo got really into it, so it must work somewhat.

Beyond that, I don't mess with altered tunings. I've heard too many SSSWs who retuned after nearly every song and made the show drag horribly; and I'm not strong enough or perfectionistic enough to do a Garnet Rogers and haul 4 or 5 guitars to every gig. (I have enough trouble with bigchuck's guitar/banjo/mandolin/mandola, and my wife's upright bass)...