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Posted By: Richard Bridge
05-Dec-10 - 11:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Common Wood Pigeon
Subject: RE: BS: Common Wood Pigeon
Slag - I appreciate your sentiment, particularly as my feeling that the only politician who does not lie is a dead one grows daily, but in 1792 (ish) the US army walked all over quite a sizeable local resistance to central government (the whisky tax rebellion), and in those days there was no huge disparity between the projectile firearms available to the respective protagonists. Anyone in the USA who thinks that even collectors of assault rifles and maybe rockets and tanks stand an earthly chance against the government and industrial-military-complex that invented "shock and awe" (if they got serious) is a total fantasist.

Conversely, the theoretical unavailability of weapons parity is no bar to the success of guerilla terrorists with sufficient mass support (unless the central government is prepared to sanction massive collateral damage, which the UK government was not but, it seems, many third world governments are) as the history of Ireland proves.