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Posted By: Jim Dixon
01-Dec-10 - 02:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: Who has all The Money?
Subject: RE: BS: Who has all The Money?
Of course money has value. For those who claim it has no value, there is only one course of action that is consistent with that belief: You must hereafter refuse to do any work in exchange for money. You must insist on being paid only with stuff you can use: food you can eat, booze you can drink, fuel you can burn, etc. And no gold. Gold is useful only if you make it into jewelry and wear it (or fill your teeth with it, etc.). How much gold do you want to wear?

If you have any cash, or any money in the bank, then you are one of the people to whom something is owed.

If you have a $20 bill in your pocket, it means the world owes you $20 worth of groceries (or whatever).

Cancelling debts essentially means cancelling the value of whatever money you have.