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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
29-Nov-10 - 04:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: HELP 92 yr old w/ acute eczema
Subject: RE: BS: HELP 92 yr old w/ acute eczema
With regard to the coldness, Tam..has he been on steroids in the recent past? I noticed you mentioned an injection, but has he taken steroid tablets in the not too distant past, say a year or more?

I ask because I was on them when I was 19. About a year later my circulation went nuts. I couldn't get warm, chilblains on hands and feet, never had them before...I went to bed fully clothed, under eiderdowns and blankets galore, but just shivered all night long. Utter misery.   

The doctor sorted it out. "Ah, steroids.." he said...and prescribed some 'heat me up' pills. They had me sweating in no time at all...and shortly after that my temperature control went back to normal, never to go nuts again.

Eczema's often a nervous problem. Is he worried about anything? I get it only very mildly, and only if I'm worried. It first started with the loss of my first baby, totally out of the blue.

Just a thought, he worried about dying? That can be a big one to keep inside your head. A very sensitive subject to broach, I know, but a possibility nonetheless.   

Vi, 96, gets terribly worried if the slightest thing starts to go wrong with her because she's so afraid of dying.

I do hope he gets better soon.