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Posted By: GUEST,Suibhne Astray
23-Nov-10 - 08:49 AM
Thread Name: Psychogeography and Folk
Subject: RE: Psychogeography and Folk
Has it got something to do with why (say) the distinctive agricultural terraces of Glastonbury Tor are these days more likely to be seen as the vestiges of a pre-historic ritual labyrinth? Or the ingenious cunning of very human Crop Circle makers as the work of ET? Like that strand of Folklore that sees a Prehistoric Fertility Rite in a Morris Dance or something similarly menacing & invariably pagan at work in the Allendale Tar Barrels or the Minehead Hobby Horse. I've often wondered if in 4,000 years hence our descendents will be wandering the remnants of Spaghetti Junction with the same dewey eyed reverence in which we wander the henges of Avebury.

Kipling speaks of similar things of course - in Puck's Song, The Land and The Run of the Downs he speaks of continuities with respect of the landscapes but always in human terms. Old Hobden doesn't own the land so much as he is the land, part and parcel of a tradition that only exists with respect of the Folkloric Urge thus engering a romantic aesthetic which I assume accounts for the title of this thread.