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Posted By: Tootler
19-Nov-10 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Shruti Boxes - Thoughts?
Subject: RE: Tech: Shruti Boxes - Thoughts?
Nice one Bob. You have a nice strong voice which goes well with the shruti box.

Thanks for your comment, Jack.

VT, the low G box is still a one octave range. It's just pitched a fourth lower than the C box. With both you get a complete chromatic octave, so you can use them in any key. It's a case of choosing which you think will suit your voice range better. Thanks for your comment on my videos, BTW.

Using it with harmonica works really well. As both can be played with one hand, you can play both at the same time. For lament in July though, I recorded the harmonica and shruti box separately and mixed them using Audacity. It makes life easier as you can adjust them both separately and make sure each comes through clearly. Even with singing I found recording the shruti box separately better for the same reason. I am gradually building up a stock of recordings of the box in different keys for future use.