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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
10-Nov-10 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Drugging of our Children
Subject: RE: BS: The Drugging of our Children
>>>"School isn't supposed to be fun, anyway. That's an American spoil-the-kids-completely thing, stems from the generations of no discipline or you'll stifle the poor little one's naturalness...

Poppycock. Civilization is all about squashing nature. It bugs me no end when educators talk about how to make science or whatever Fun. This is school! Fun is for after school!

(Sigh. I wish I could turn back the clock and raise my kids in Europe.)"<<<

Actually, it kinda sounds as if you wished you'd not had children in the first place. What a shame you think your children should have been 'educated' with their nose to the grindstone, spending the vast majority of their waking hours 'tied' to desks, being 'forced' to learn things they have NO interest in.

IF adults were treated in the office/work world in the same way that children are so often treated in schools, there'd be national uproar and law suits whizzing back and forth enough to keep lawyers even richer for the rest of their days..

Why on EARTH should children NOT be *happy* at school? Why on earth should they not have fun? Why should they not be allowed to move, talk, wriggle, laugh, jiggle, drink, go to the bathroom when they need to...?   

The Controlling Ones have been in control for way too long...and you know what, The Controlling Ones don't actually *like* children in the first place. They don't understand them, don't relate to them, they're all about facts and figures and exams and pass rates and tick boxes and........obedience.

The wonder and joy of being a child has been taken away from so many...

Here, from a man who does understand, not only children, but the entire Corporate Education System, because he taught in it for over 30 years, as an Award Winning New York teacher..the wonderful, John Taylor Gatto..look his videos up on youtube and you may be astounded by what you start to learn...Read his great book 'Dumbing Us Down' and you'll learn even more...

"Whatever an education is, it should make you a unique individual, not a conformist; it should furnish you with an original spirit with which to tackle the big challenges; it should allow you to find values which will be your road map through life; it should make you spiritually rich, a person who loves whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whomever you are with; it should teach you what is important, how to live and how to die." - John Taylor Gatto

Taken from this site:
John Taylor Gatto quotes