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Posted By: Little Hawk
09-Nov-10 - 02:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: We've Lost the Republic (Lessig)
Subject: RE: BS: We've Lost the Republic (Lessig)
Where and when did I ever assure you that Al Qaeda can't do a terrorist attack on Canada, Doug?

I have no idea what you would extrapolate that notion from, because I never said any such thing.

What I said was that "Canada is in no danger of invasion from anyone but the USA". Invasion, Doug, not terrorist attacks. Terrorists can attack anyone in the world whom they decide to with a bit of luck on their side, and sure, they might attack Canada. If they do, it will be because our stupid government acted as a flunky of the USA and put its troops in Afghanistan where they ought not to be.

The fact that the USA is armed to the teeth won't help us one bit against a terrorist attack, because terrorist attacks are not a military operation that you fight with an army, they are a criminal operation that you have to fight with espionage and excellent police work. We can do excellent police work ourselves, but it might not be enough. There are no guarantees.

You say you like Canada? Great. I also like the USA...that is, I like the land and its people. I don't like the USA government or its foreign and domestic policy, because it's practicing aggressive imperialism and treating its own population with neglect and contempt in a number of ways, specially as regards health care and the economy. Your government doesn't serve the people, it serves big business at the expense of the people. It's not your public's fault, because no matter which party they vote in, the same thing just keeps happening anyway. You don't really have a representative government any longer...just a sham government that pretends to be a representative of the people. It's an oligarchy, not a democracy.

Obama? He may mean well, but he can't change that system. If he really tried to, he'd be a dead man, in my opinion.