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Posted By: Stringsinger
07-Nov-10 - 02:00 PM
Thread Name: BS: We've Lost the Republic (Lessig)
Subject: RE: BS: We've Lost the Republic (Lessig)
Food habits are a form of addiction. The US is highly addicted to many "drugs".
What we take into our bodies, we also put into the environment. This is the talk that
I arrived at, Stilly, when you set your site.

I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment, LH. I'd like to amplify it further by stating that there is no security in the US or any other place in the world with these foreign policies.

Osama bin Laden (a reprehensible person) made it very clear. He would not tolerate foreign troops in Muslim countries and this is his raison d'etre for his terrorist attacks. It's that simple. He is a religious fanatic. But those foreign troops are the problem. He can be defeated by creating infrastructure, schools, hospitals, and genuine concern for the people of Afghanistan and other Middle East countries. Guns, missiles, warfare won't do the job.

The Tea Party is a reactionary group that offers no concrete plan to solve our economic crises. Their offerings are the meager contrivances of their corporate masters, Dick Armey and the Koch brothers. When the Tea Partiers finally wake up and find out that they have been screwed by the corporations and the GOP that pretended to support them, then they will be either hopping mad or have tuned out of the political process.

Don't count on Bachman, Paul or any of the leaders to do anything valuable for the country other than tear Republicans apart. Let Boehner and McConnell show their true colors by shutting down the government over repealing health care.

The Republic is not completely lost yet. There are those in its midst who are willing to speak out, act out if necessary and these are the true patriots, not the phony Tea Partiers who don't know history that well or understand what the Boston Tea Party was really about.

Watch for the tax cuts for the rich to raise the debt ceiling making the GOP points hypocritical and illogical. 700 billion of lost revenue for the country.

The way we keep the Republic from being lost is to get active and express our views.

Dems need to find a message. Right now, they don't have one.

Tea Partiers are shouters. They have no logic in their message. The Fox News noise machine is simply loud and not logical. When the yelling is done, then the devastation must be assessed.

Meanwhile, the true patriots quietly work.