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Posted By: Stringsinger
07-Nov-10 - 01:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
Subject: RE: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
To quote an economic theorist from Chile, growth is not necessarily development. In many ways the US risks being an underdeveloped country.

If Obama doesn't explain why the US is in Afghanistan, Iraq and sending missiles to
Pakistan, it will be all over for him at the next election.

There is kind of an axiom here. Politicians who know how to get elected, don't necessarily know how to govern. One is sales, the other is executive talents.

So far, the Dems have forsaken their original message. 1. Help for the working and middle class. 2. Public education (not private schools). 3. Strengthening the power of government regulations for environmental issues as well as financial. 4. Providing a safety net for those who are hurt by unemployment and crooked bank transactions (underwater mortgages). 5. Making the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes. 6. Keeping Separation of Church and State in tact. 7. Providing government jobs to ease unemployment (WPA, CCC etc.)

Notice I said "message". There has to be a clear vision for the Dems, not a watered down appeasement to the Repubs. The Dems message now is garbled.

The Repubs have no vision. They are pure reactionaries.