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Posted By: Little Hawk
06-Nov-10 - 02:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: We've Lost the Republic (Lessig)
Subject: RE: BS: We've Lost the Republic (Lessig)
He has no intention of exposing himself to anything that might corrupt him or cause any undesired doubts or changes to arise... ;-)

I can understand why Doug is like that, though. How many of us, after all, will willingly and eagerly spend our time listening to 18 minutes of Glenn Beck or Anne Coulter? Would we bother? Naw....what the hell for? It would be a waste of our time.

The fact is, most people seek out only the stuff they agree with to spend their time on, right? That is the case almost all the time. They just occasionally will take a brief look at something they disagree with, and they do that strictly so they can quote a bit of it to someone else to show how stupid and terrible it is! ;-)

I suggest, Doug, that you idly tune in to any mere random 30 seconds of the Lessig video at any point, so you can do that. It'll give you much satisfaction to quote brief fragments of Lessig contemptuously to various people who share your political opinions. You can shake your heads in disbelief, and thank God that you are still Republicans.   You'll be doing the very same thing your "liberal" foes do...dismissing the views of the other side utterly...and feeling quite righteous while you do it too.