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Posted By: Little Hawk
06-Nov-10 - 11:43 AM
Thread Name: BS: We've Lost the Republic (Lessig)
Subject: RE: BS: We've Lost the Republic (Lessig)
Interesting point, guys! Yes, if it is possible for a 3rd or 4rth party to arise now and then to challenge the great phony Duopoly that has long had a stranglehold on politics in the USA...then there IS still some hope for the Republic.

There is still the possibility of change. There is still the possibility of breaking the power of the Duopoly.

And THAT is why the media will do everything in their power to ridicule, discount, and demonize any third or fourth party that arises in the USA...whether it be on the Right or the Left...whether it be the Tea Party or the Libertarians or the Green Party or anyone else who isn't a Democrat or a Republican.

The $ySStem doesn't want voices independent of the Duopoly to be heard. If they are heard, it doesn't want them to be taken seriously. The same people who own the mass media and who practice "divide and conquer" by putting CNN and MSNBC up against Fox, and the Dems up against the Repubs, does NOT want you voting for or believing in anyone else but the official Duopoly...the 2 party system. Depend on that. They will attack the Tea Party or any other new party simply because they didn't think of it themselves, and they don't (yet) control it.