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Posted By: Kent Davis
06-Nov-10 - 02:45 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Drugging of our Children
Subject: RE: BS: The Drugging of our Children
Richard Bridge,

Yes, children do need to be trained to be obedient.

There are some children who become rebellious because they are frustrated by their own failures, and those failures are sometimes caused by impaired attention. Improving the attention span of those children can help them succeed, thereby reducing their frustration, and indirectly reducing their rebelliousness.

Other children have rebelliousness and inattention as two separate issues. Improving their attention problem just makes them better-focused rebels.

This past afternoon I had a 9-year-old patient who wouldn't listen to her father, unless her mother was at home. He thought she needed a medication adjustment. I had to point out that, if she obeyed her mother, and obeyed him when her mother was around, then the problem was not her attention span, and the solution was not medical.

Some people forget that ADHD is an impairment of attention, not an impairment of obedience.