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Posted By: Bill D
05-Nov-10 - 01:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
Subject: RE: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
"...because they tried to pass legislation that was abohorant to the majority of the voters. Simple as that.

And THAT is total nonsense. You mistake what the "majority of the voters" wanted or cared about for the distortions and outright lies they were FED by Fox 'News' and right-wing scare tactics-- "death panels" "Fascists" "Birthers" "More taxes".etc. ad nauseum

The REAL polls during and right after the health care debate showed that the MAJORITY wanted MORE health care and the "public option". Once the Republicans got the whole bill watered down, and then refused to vote for their own paltry, watered down version, they quoted the polls that showed most voters were not happy with the bill **as passed**. This does NOT indicate they didn't want "Obamacare", but that they didn't see many real benefits.

Great political tactics by the Republicans, but sleazy treatment of the public! They flat **LIED** about what effect health care legislation would have on the budget in order to keep their HMO organization contributors happy!
I can deal with simple disagreements about how things work and the best procedures...etc...but I DESPISE conscious lies & distortions for political and monetary gain by 'the powers that be'.


Bruce- "I guess the Republicans are using THE SAME STANDARDS that the Democrats did the last two years in Congress. I note NO effort to complain when the Democrats acted the same.

Do you really have NO other argument form? And there is simply NO comparison of the two parties legislative far! The Democrats did NOT refuse to compromise and did NOT lie about the other side's positions....but perhaps they should have, seeing how it works! ...nawwww...they wouldn't have been good at it. Real deceit and believing IN your own deceit as a standard procedure take practice & commitment....and leadership from the Karl Roves and Glen Becks and Newt Gingrichs...all funneled thru a 'fair & balanced' "news" organization.

What I hope is that my party, win or lose, does NOT stray into really obnoxious lies and scams, but DOES make fair but clever use of the rules, as they did with health care. (G.W. just used signing statements and interim appointments of cram thru anything he (or maybe Cheney) wanted.