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Posted By: Little Hawk
04-Nov-10 - 09:31 PM
Thread Name: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
Subject: RE: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
Yes, that's right, Genie. They are only loyal to the bottom line. Also, they can live wherever they want to, because they have the money to do that, and most people have no idea who they even are or where they live. Thus does the invisible government rule. The politicians are the temporary and replaceable public "faces" the public focuses on, in the naive belief that the politicians are the people in charge. They're not. They are just the gophers for the people in charge.

A particularly naive belief, but a treasured one, is that if a really nice and excellent person can be elected president, everything will magically be made right! This is what I call "believing in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny".

My impression of Obama is that he's probably a pretty nice guy, as well as being very bright. He may also be quite idealistic. He is probably very well-intentioned. (I think Bush was well-intentioned by the way...strictly according to his own very limited view of the situation, and his view derived from his entire upbringing...).

Well, good intentions won't do it, because the deck is stacked. Being nice won't do it. Being smart won't do it. Being idealistic won't do it. If a president takes it too far in resisting the entrenched financial powers that be, they will destroy him...either at the polls...or in a much more personal way. They will not stop at killing him. He will not be allowed to change the status quo beyond a certain very limited point, and the status quo is based upon maintaining the world's most enormous military expenditures and occupying foreign lands with American forces and practicing imperialism. It's also based on perpetual war (at some level). It's also based on a perpetual illegal drug trade achieved simply by MAKING various drugs illegal, AND a simultaneous war that is waged on that drug trade.

All these things are damaging and counterproductive, but they make huge profits for a few people who are among the top elite, so they continue.

Genie, you are quite right about how people are programmed by Fox to believe certain things. They are programmed by CNN to believe certain things too, but somewhat different things. They are programmed by all the networks...and further to that...they are programmed to fight amongst themselves as some are convinced they are "liberals" and some are convinced they are "conservatives"...labels which will forever divide them and provoke conflict. All the mass media outlets are partly to blame for that situation. Fox is probably the worst of them, but not alone in creating the terrible disunity and dissension in the USA. They all promote disunity constantly. They thrive upon it. It makes for good "news", and that pulls in viewers, and that pleases the sponsors.

If people stopped tuning in, I mean if MILLIONS of people stopped tuning in, their little profit-driven propaganda game would be over, and their mass media outlets would collapse. I don't tune in to the mass broadcast media. I read.