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Posted By: Genie
03-Nov-10 - 01:22 AM
Thread Name: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
Subject: RE: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
akenaton, I think it's both presumptuous and incorrect to assume that most American Mudcatters view politics as a "my team v. their team" thing.

I think most of us - the ones who usually post in the political threads - have principles and goals we believe in.   Not that many decades ago in US politics, it was not uncommon to find people in both major parties who shared many common goals and policies, but the Republican Party has moved further and further to the "right-wing" end of the spectrum, and in the last few years (especially since the election of Obama), their stated strategy (at least in Congress) has been to block whatever legislation the Democrats propose -- even if many of them have supported such legislation when they were in power -- so that they can run against the Democrats by pointing to their lack of accomplishments.    That party has become much more unified and regimented in their voting.   The Republicans that many of us liberals/progressives may have supported in the past have been drummed out of that party.

This does not mean we support Democrats just because they are Democrats. In fact, many of us are highly critical of that party and, especially, of some of its members in Congress.