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Posted By: Ron Davies
03-Nov-10 - 01:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
Subject: RE: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
It sure is fascinating though.    And there are even some outcomes to cheer tonight.

#1 to cheer on my list is that it seems Meg Whitman spent $140 million of her own money to win the governorship of California.

And lost.

Somehow, that is very satisfying.

(Admittedly there might be better uses for the $140 million--world hunger, for instance.)

But it's still nice to know that sometimes no matter how much money you have to spend , you may not win.

Then there are some truly weird results--such as Manchin's win in WV---in which he ran as far away from President Obama as possible--even going so far as to stage an ad in which he literally shot a bill to ribbons--was it cap and trade?

And in WV, it seems his approach worked.

I suppose it pays to know your target (so to speak) audience.

And of course, I know the President and other Democrats gave him their blessing.

As my father used to say," We pay off on results."    Result was keeping Byrd's seat.

The other thing I was thinking about is issues the President should push in the next 2 years.   Seems to me a comprehensive immigration solution--with a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants should be close to the top of the list.

It's the right thing to do

But also, political benefits:

1)   Cementing the Hispanic vote-- (aside from Florida, for which he should seek to push travel to Cuba)--in the Democratic column. As the fastest growing ethnic group, this is necessary---and it will put the Republicans squarely on the wrong side of demographics.

2) In fact it will also likely split the Republicans--since the business community is actually on the side of a comprehensive immigration solution.   So it's likely to cause a Republican civil war--with the Tea Party wing on the other side of the issue. Could be some very entertaining fireworks.

What the Democrats should do now is make it clear that there will be no other person even considered as presidential nominee than President Obama.   Let all the bloody and expensive primaries be on the other side.