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Posted By: josepp
02-Nov-10 - 09:32 PM
Thread Name: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
Subject: RE: BS: Disaster for the Democrats?
////I see no reason that a majority Republican House would be more inclined to cooperate with Democrats than they have the last two years.////

Exactly. In two years, the republicans and tea party will have nothing to show for themselves except gridlock. People will still be unemployed, houses will still be getting foreclosed, the debt will keep growing. All of this happened on the republican watch so why believe they can or will stop it? By '12, the public will be ready to vote the bums out again. Then the dems will get back in and then be thrown right back out. It's actually pretty funny.

We're always crying about the debt but will kill any politician who dared to say we have to raise taxes across the board to get it under control. We always want them to fix it fix it fix it!!! But as soon as we're called upon to make the necessary sacrifice we get furious. WHAT ABOUT THE RICH???? Well Obama's raising their taxes and you're ready to vote him out--so what about the rich? Fix the system but don't take anything away from me. In fact, I want more. More more more more more! So all Congress can do is nothing. And then we get mad at them for doing nothing and vote them out. That's why I hope the GOP and tea party win big. Let's see them squirm for a change. 10 to 1 they'll start yacking about gay marriage and abortion to cover up their ineffectiveness. We'll see how far that goes.