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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
31-Oct-10 - 11:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Drugging of our Children
Subject: RE: BS: The Drugging of our Children
OK, here's the story...

I went doolally at Torbay Health Authority about a year back now, when they kept me waiting for 7 weeks before sending someone round to help my 96 year old ex-mother-in-law, with a view to her getting in and out of the bath, in our new flat here.....

They finally decided, after talking to Vi, and assessing her for an hour, that at 95 years old as she was then, she was able to stand up, and therefore able to wash herself down at the basin, rather than needing handles fixed to walls to get in and out of the bath.

When I went bananas I was told they (the health authority) were millions of pounds in debt, so they'd revised all their procedures...

In East Devon, where we used to live, Vi had been helped immediately, assessed, then had handles etc fitted to and around the bath, making her life far easier.

I decided to go to the Evening Herlad, the local paper, and to the local TV, BBC 'Spotlight'. 'Spotlight' sent one of their reporters round, who was also the cameraman and soundman too. He sat and talked to me for quite a while, and he told me how he was asked to cover this particular story of surgeries being paid NOT to send patients to specialists.

He'd had a knee injury himself, a severe one, after being kicked very badly during a football match. He'd gone to his surgery and been told his knee was badly bruised but it would get better soon. So he struggled on..and on...and on....He went back to his surgery FIVE times...and it was only on the FIFTH time, when he was utterly beside himself, that he was finally sent to a specialist.

He was admitted to hospital that same day and operated on the next day. The specialist was horrified at the knee injury he'd been walking around on for weeks.

Then, his boss rang him one day and asked him to investigate this story..and he told him that he had to start the investigation with his own doctor's surgery. He was more than a little embarrassed to have to do that, but do it he did....because the allegations turned out to be true.

And THAT is why, down here in Torbay, if you need to see a specialist you have to FIGHT for it...and I mean really fight for it.

The lady from The Evening Herald told me exactly the same thing, as she'd covered the story for the newspaper..She also told me other things about Torbay Health Trust, none of it good, I'm afraid...