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Posted By: C-flat
30-Oct-10 - 09:27 AM
Thread Name: Who's THE most over-rated 'legend'?
Subject: RE: Who's THE most over-rated 'legend'?
This is such a subjective topic that the original poster takes a bit of a hammering over his Robert Johnson/ Leadbelly comments.
The problem being that, Big Ballad Singer, you completely ignore the possibility that you may be missing something and that it's just not for you.

I noticed a couple of similar comments regarding James Taylor in an earlier posting. For me JT is an extremely interesting songwriter and a talented guitarist. Beautiful use of bass notes underpinning his picking style, but it's just my opinion.

And I'd also admit to finding the legend know as BOB DYLAN extremely hard to listen to.
I just don't have an ear for him!!!
I love his songs, but I love them when someone else sings them. Someone with more of a sense of rythym and better singing style.
Now I know that they'll be scores of you wanting to attack me on this.
DON'T BOTHER! I ALREADY GET IT! For you, it's his style and delivery that makes his musical poetry come alive. For me it kills it!

So it's a shame for us that not everyone gets the same experience and when I want to rave about Django Reinhardt to my partner only to see her going all glassy-eyed and reaching for her Robbie Williams CDs, I've just got to accept we're all different and realise that we all need to respect each others passions.
(Django is king though.....)