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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
29-Oct-10 - 04:25 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Drugging of our Children
Subject: BS: The Drugging of our Children
"I don't remember anyone I went to school with being on a mind-altering medication, but now the number of children on drugs in this country is astronomical..." - taken from Part 1 of the film below.

The Drugging of our Children - Parts 1 - 13

I don't remember anyone being on medication either, and I went to the roughest school in my neighbourhood...

'Ritalin Grin' - Youtube

So, are the drug companies pushing their drugs on to children because, hell, if you get 'em hooked early on, then you have them....for LIFE! ?

NEVER has this happened before...It's a huge problem in the US and now it's over here in the UK...

"Why didn't my generation, the baby-boomer generation have this? Why didn't we have thousands of kids committing suicide when I was going to school, or when you were going to school......shooting up their class mates for no apparent reason?" (again, taken from the film above)

And listen to the Mum who talks of her little boy being reported to her in KINDERGARTEN (!!!) for not sitting on his chair, not focussing...??????

If you made your own child sit on a chair for HOURS in your house and study, study, study, do you think they'd be happy? Do you think they'd sit there? Do you think they'd learn? Do you think...they might start to resent you, after day, after day, after day of being made to do exactly the same thing, year after year.....

From The New Generation of Educational Thought...
'He's fidgeting!'
'Oh my GOD!! DRUG HIM!!!

This is a shocking, but highly informative film...and every parent and teacher should watch it.