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Posted By: Terry K
20-Sep-00 - 06:10 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Mrs Stein Don't Rent to Gypsies Any More
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: dosn't rent to gypsys
GUEST Fedele - your emotive little hypothesis pre-supposes decent behaviour on the part of the narrator. If the narrator had behaved decently and been treated like that, he would have cause to complain. But that would not even be close to the reality we have experienced locally.

The sequel to the encampment of "travellers" on the school playing fields where my wife teaches was completed today. In England, it is illegal by a long-term Act for ANYONE (regardless of how oppressed they feel) to trespass on, or otherwise appropriate school premises. In the best interests of our children, I think this is absolutely good sense. The travellers were given a deadline of noon today and the police attended to ensure their peaceful departure.

They left various objects on site.

1) A car. It turned out to have been a stolen car. No, I don't think it was stolen by the headmaster or one of his staff. I could be wrong, but common sense prevents me from thinking so.

2) Empty gas bottles. The lord knows why, as I believe these things have a value.

3) Their debris. I hate to say it, but this is not unusual. Nor can the expectancy that this will happen in our locality in any way be considered a "prejudice" or a "sweeping generalisation".

4) Deep tyre-tracks over the sports field (we have had heavy rainfall) - a small point perhaps, but someone has to do the repair work so the school can get back to normal.

The environmental health department of the Local Authority were called in to clean up the site, particularly the area behind school buildings which had been used as an open air toilet.

So some of you people believe that our kids can learn from this particular group? If so, you are either not parents or are a very strange kind of parent.

So some of you people think that the decent and fairly silent majority who don't really condone this sort of behaviour are hateful bigots and oppressors?

All of the costs of coping with the above little episode come from taxes which are meant to be spent on health, education, our children and our old people. This event happened in what may be considered a fairly underpriveleged area. These particular travellers do not have fixed addresses, hence do not pay the Council Tax which provides these things. I am sure there are travellers who have jobs and/or businesses where all income is declared for tax purposes; I am equally sure there are those who do not.

They are taking the piss. And the sooner the woolly minded thinkers in our midst start to get real, the better.


(all of this is documented locally; if you want to know exactly where it was, PM me)