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Posted By: kendall
27-Oct-10 - 07:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: Englands Biggest Stag Shot on Exmoor
Subject: RE: BS: Englands Biggest Stag Shot on Exmoor
Tree Huggers? Simple minded people make up simple names for complex situations.

Just for the record, I am a retired career conservation officer who fully understands the concept of "Culling". We have to do it here on the island of Isle Au Haut which is part of Acadia National Park. The deer overpopulate and many get pretty gaunt for lack of food. The natives can not even have a garden for their own food because the deer eat everything in sight.
That said, all I said was that to kill a one of a kind is a shame. On top of that, I have to wonder how much money changed hands. Let's call it what it is, slaughter.

How would you feel if someone destroyed the Mona Lisa? would you say, "so what, there are plenty of paintings to gawp at"?

We're all in it together, there's no one to blame,
It's become such a part of the race,
It's eternally tragic that which is magic
Be killed at the end of a glorious race,
From young seals to great whales from water to wood
They fall like leaves in the wind
But, we've fur coats and perfume and trophies on walls
(Song for the animals, David Mallett)