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Posted By: Vic Smith
27-Oct-10 - 07:24 AM
Thread Name: Fees (concert admission prices)
Subject: RE: Fees (concert admission prices)
Autoharp Bob wrote:-
And I do know of some top-notch artists who will perform anywhere for absolutely minimal fees because they are friends with the people running the clubs or because they just love what they are doing.

I know that many people here would be aghast with horror if they knew the low figure as a guarantee that some top artists put in their contracts to us for an appearance at our club - even when they are booked through agents as many are. Why do they do this? Well, I hope that it is because I have been booking these people regularly throughout their careers - on some cases for over 40 years - and they know that I will pay them every penny that I can afford without taking anything out for ourselves for admin, publicity, accommodation at our house etc.etc. Recently, I paid a solo singer a figure that was more than 3 times the guarantee that was on his contract and that guarantee figure to us has not gone up in 25 years. We also make sure that there is a prominent dedicated space for the artists to sell their own merchandise each week as we know how important this has become to the artists' income - and as compere I always make sure that I give a good plug to their books, DVDs, CDs etc. I hope that for these people, it is a matter of trust and friendship on both sides; on mine that they will give a performance to the best of their ability and to them that I will advertise the event in every way possible. (Tomorrow night come and see the superb LONG HILL RAMBLERS).

Our on-line policy statement at includes the following:-
Guest artists are booked to appear virtually every week; we do have a very few 'Open Nights' during the year. Within our limited financial resources, we try to present artists from a range of musical backgrounds and experiences who are talented and display a love of their chosen music or styles. When we have guest artists, there is a cover charge on the door that reflects the status and fees of the artists. However, we do run our non-guest nights on a "Free Admission" basis. All the money that we take is used to book the best variety of guest artists that we can afford. We are not subsidised in any way by commercial sponsorship, arts organisation or local council grant The organisers bear the running costs of the venture themselves in the belief that they get more out of it than they put in.