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Posted By: Betsy
26-Oct-10 - 07:59 PM
Thread Name: Fees (concert admission prices)
Subject: RE: Fees (concert admission prices)
Try this :-
A Pub / Bar owner has a large place which can take 150 people easily.
Wednesday is a flat night to he tries to fill it by having a "Folk Night" of which he knows very little.
Let's say he books Mr.A and advertises him as "the Famous Mr A" and agrees to pay him £ 300 reckoning that he will make plenty of money on drinks sales.
So far ,so good .
The Bar owner reckons he can fill it at a sensible £ 2 a ticket which he does. I would explain to our US friends that you can't buy a beer in the UK for that price !!!
Come the big night the "the Famous Mr A" gets on stage to a group of people - some of who are interested, but the majority losing interest very quickly as they did not expect this sort of music, but as all their friends/mates are there - let's have a good booze up.
Landlord makes his money - over the bar, and enough on the door to pay Mr.A his full fee.
That the fee has been paid, is not not the artist's prime concern, more importantly he has had a shit night - (not the location) but with a situation where an "audience" who hadn't come to listen / join in.
Now, in negotiations if Mr.A had in agreeing on £300, he may also    insist that the Pub / Bar charge £ 5 minumum entrance fee.
In that way, Mr.A only needs 60 INTERESTED people to turn up, because you're not normally going to pay £5 to see someone you have never heard of.
Anymore than the optimum 60 people, is a bonus to performer and Bar Owner but THAT equation is another matter.
By putting on this minumum charge in relation to the fee the Performer(s)introduces risk management - i.e.
1) Avoid the risk of being asked to perform in front of a non-interested audience and consequently leave the establishment let's say downhearted after a shit night.
2) Avoiding the risk that the performance is only a money-making device for the Bar Owner.
When the Bar owner hears the proposition which might limit the numbers " Our lot will pay £ 2 but not £ 5 " then that flushes out the dodgy Gigs and the Professional will not commit to such Gigs.
Never forget we're talking about Professional performers ,who perform for a LIVING.
It may well be that many in the semi professional Folk performers might say £xxx for a night?? - great !!!! - I'll go through the motions and I'll take the money.
Professionals, don't get sell-outs and full houses by some sort of accident. In general they are tried and tested over a long period of time and which is required to build up good reputation, very good level of performance, and deliver it time-after-time .
The minumum Door Charge is requested by a professional to try to avoid the possiblity of performing in front of an audience (or part thereof) who have absolutely no interest or empathy for the genre of music which is being performed.
Professionals use this mechanism - because they have found out over a long time period ,that, it actually works.
It's called Professional experience !!!
Another example ,if I was in a strange town and Bar advertised Jazz tonight - I might have a look in, but ,if they wanted a Door charge I wouldn't go in as I'm just not committed to that music genre to pay an entrance fee.
The minumum door charge is to try to ensure that only who those are genuinely interested in the venue/Performer/type of music, or, put into absolutely base language - to keep arseholes away from the Gig , which, as we all know, is not always possible.
Well done Tom ,George and Kitty amongst others who have been far more eloquent than I in explaining this matter, and I repeat an earlier remark I made abhor and deplore the use of the name of the well respected-performer made in this thread.