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Posted By: gnu
26-Oct-10 - 06:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Englands Biggest Stag Shot on Exmoor
Subject: RE: BS: Englands Biggest Stag Shot on Exmoor
Gervase Webb.... surely you aren't suggesting attempting proper management of the herd? Why, that might be humane to anyone who understands same.

Hey.... tree huggers... lighten up a tad. Take a course in livestock management and see if you can figure out that it actually applies to wild animals as well.

As for shooting the humans who practice proper wildlife management, well, that might better than dying a slow and painful death in a nursing home. Can I hire you to pull the trigger on me when I need it?

Get outraged. It's all the fashion. Personally... Xmas is coming and, even if the meat is tough, a nice mincemeat pie or two, with vanilla ice cream, sounds yummy.