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Posted By: Arthur_itus
26-Oct-10 - 06:46 AM
Thread Name: Fees (concert admission prices)
Subject: RE: Fees (concert admission prices)
Paws, you do have a point, but when you want to book a top artist, you are normally controlled by what they can earn, elsewhere.

I once tried to book xxxxx who were willing to come to the venue and were happy with the ticket price, but when I explained what our max number of people we could get in, they turned it down as they were playing in theatres with 300 or more audiences. I understood and wished them well and carried on with trying to book the next performer(s). There was certainly no hard feelings. It's supply or demand.

Sometimes people do not understand what goes on in the background. They arrive just before the show, sit down and enjoy it and go home.

However, what they do not realise, is that for the performer(s) it's their salary.

OK so they live 3/4 hours from your venue. Lets say, that by the time they have everything together, they set off at mid day. They get to the venue about say 5pm. They set all the gear up and do their sound checks. If they are lucky, the venue has provided them with a meal. The audience arrive beteewn 7 pm to 8pm. There is normally a support act who may do 30 minutes before the main act. The main act gets on lets say by 8:45pm and finsihes about 11pm after breaks etc. They then chat with their audience afterwards and at the same time try to pack all their gear. With a bit of luck, they may be ready to go at midight. They have a choice - do they stay at a B&B or drive home. Some do some don't. If they have a gig the next day, they do the B&B.

So at the very minimum, this band has spent 12 hours (or 16 hours if they travel home) to entertain you.

What price do you put on that and what about all the free work that the venue does in getting it organised and doing their utmost to make sure you are happy. Many hours go into one gig.