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Posted By: C-flat
26-Oct-10 - 03:08 AM
Thread Name: Fees (concert admission prices)
Subject: RE: Fees (concert admission prices)
I can only assume that those people taking offense at this thread consider themselves friends of Vin and percieve him to be under attack here.
I'm weary of repeating myself....but...

I've nothing against Vin Garbutt, I think he's entitled to charge whatever people are prepared to pay, I don't think he owes me, or anyone else anything, and I'd be happy to pay 10 to see him.

What I was trying to understand was an artists motive for setting ticket prices when his fee is guaranteed anyway? ANY ARTIST.
George Papavgeris makes an excellent comment and may have got the rights of it in suggesting it has more to do with continuity and fairness. Thank you George for an intelligent response.