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Posted By: Arthur_itus
25-Oct-10 - 09:03 AM
Thread Name: Fees (concert admission prices)
Subject: RE: Fees
If Vin wants to make each venue charge a minimum of 10, then that is up to him.
If you do not want to adhere to that, you don't book him.
That's how things work.

Quote from C-Flat
I can only assume his logic being that anyone who pays at least 10 for a ticket is coming to listen, whereas a token 1 or 2 entry, subsidised by the venue or whatever, may guarantee a full house but not necessarily a good audience?

C-Flat it has nothing to do with that. May I suggest that rather than start a thread like this, why don't you ring Vin and ask him. This sort of thread does not do any artist any good, especially when the Mudcat Mob get stuck in.

Vin has a very shrewd head on him, and talks a lot of sense and knows what he is doing. You would do well to take time to listen to him and learn. I did and learn't an aweful lot about putting on an event and making it worthwhile for the organiser and the artist.

I'll get me coat.