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Posted By: The Beanster
20-Sep-00 - 09:26 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Mrs Stein Don't Rent to Gypsies Any More
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: dosn't rent to gypsys
Homeless--Although I do appreciate you using your real name to state your opinion (unlike the spineless, anonymous posters out there), I have to agree with Lepus Rex and EJ. I don't see what connection there is between your experiences with discrimination and our stating our views about it here. Those previous threads you directed us to really have nothing to do with the subject of this thread. The songs cited in those threads are harmless, humorous observations--made via generalizations, yes, but come on. There's no comparison between poking fun at country and blues music and the persecution of entire groups of people which involves violent acts of aggression toward them, including murder. It's an insult that you compare the two.

Your lifestyle and the way you look is your choice, as Lepus Rex pointed out. You have options, distasteful as they may be to you, but you could join the mainstream if you wished and the mistreatment you suffer would stop. It's a shame that you are discriminated against but life isn't fair, is it? If I chose to tattoo my entire body and dye my hair blue, I would have to expect to take some grief over it. Maybe that's unfortunate, but that's the reality.

And uh... obviously, you haven't stopped coming by the 'Cat.