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Posted By: GUEST,John Cornett
04-Oct-10 - 06:39 AM
Thread Name: Liverpool Folk Club 1970
Subject: RE: Liverpool Folk Club 1970
Hi Allison.
Saw Clive last night and he said you were on Mudcat.
Here is a copy of 'Man of Experience' as printed at the time in Willy Russells local folkie magazine 'Wooden Spoon'. I can confirm it was written by Frank in the 1960s. Additional to the main song Frank also had extra little comments after each verse, can't remember all of them but i've included some.

I'm a Man of Experience, i'm just ten years old
ten years on this earth it has made me real bold - it has
I'm telling you.

I like to play football and play cowies with the boys
I think girls are stupid they play with soft toys - they do
I'm telling you.

I like to eat sweets and drink lemonade
and go to the pictures and pull girls pigtails - I do
I'm telling you.
(They ask for it though, 'avin their hair tied like that)

It hurts me to think i've got to marry a girl
One tried to kiss me and it made my hair curl - it did
I'm telling you.
(It was 'orrible, got that lipstick stuff all over me face)

Well Charlies me mate and you want to see him swim
He's gotta new cowie set, so I think I'll marry him - I will
I'm telling you.
(We'll play Cowies and Indians all day)

Next door there's a judy tryin to get in our gang
Charlie said no and I went bang bang - I did
I'm telling you.

But she was real cunning oh all women are
She was getting round Albert oh she thought she'd go far - she did
I'm telling you.

We got hold of Albert at the corner of our street
Hung Albert from a lampost and went home for tea - We did
I'm telling you.
   (We had sausages and beans they wus great)

Alberts old lady she came round to our house
she comp[lained to me Mam she did'nt half grouse - She did
I'm telling you.

Next day I got Maggie and pulled her pigtails
I was just about to bash her when it started to hail - It did
I'm telling you.
(I hate hailstones though - they sting yer ears)

But Charlie went further and called her a swine
threw mud at her knickers which were hangin' on the line - they were
I'm telling you.
(They wont stain though 'cause they was Navy blue)

That's THE END - Thought I had a recording of it somewhere but not been able to find it yet.