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Posted By: YorkshireYankee
02-Oct-10 - 05:19 PM
Thread Name: Sue Van Gaalen
Subject: RE: Sue Van Gaalen
Yes, when we headed to Ryburn 3 Step Tuesday evening, we had no idea what a treat was in store for us! Saw Sue & Bob come in with bags of stuff, but thought she couldn't possibly have made enough for everyone to try some, but darned if she didn't manage it (& made it look easy, as well!).

What I think is really lovely is that Sue did not even realise at first that there was a competition. I remember her saying (at the June R3S) that someone had approached her as she was leaving a farm shop (or something like that -- I guess ITV must send people to really good food shops to recruit people), asked if she did a lot of cooking and (after she said yes) then asked if she had any regional recipes. Wanting to be helpful, she came up with her "Lancashire Trio" (including the tea ice cream) pretty much on the spot and said she would be happy to go home and dig up/put together the recipe for them. She had no idea they were recruiting for Britain's Best Dish -- she was just being her usual generous, helpful self.

I also noted that (in her first appearance) they asked her about the foster parenting she and Bob have done. I knew they did a lot of fostering, but had no idea just how many kids they had fostered: 72! And adopted 3 of them as well. That's what I call a real contribution to society/making the world a better place/whatever you want to call it.

Anyway, thought I'd post here the parody we sang for Sue on Tuesday evening. (Note: had to "cheat" a bit to get all the numbers in -- but it's all for fun, isn't it?)

Best British Dishes Oh
(to the tune of Green grow the Rushes Oh)

I'll sing you one, oh
Best British Dishes Oh
What is your one, oh?
One is Sue Van Gaalen for she is the Pudding Queen, oh

Two, two is Bob & Sue, living in Heald Green, oh

Three, three, the finals

Four are the Northwest Region heats

55 are the puddings that she beat
(well, I thought I really ought to get that number in there...)

Six are the egg yolks in the custard (the recipes are all online)

Seven are the seven regions

168 dishes at the starting gate (same reason as five/55)

Nine are the final tasters
(if you count the MC; however, I wrote that before I realised that the audience tastes and gets to vote in the final round -- might have to change it now, but coming up with a nine was really difficult!)

Ten are the adverts every show (well, at least ten... ten was really hard, too!)

Eleven, eleven, Jilly Goolden's in heaven!
(if you saw the first show, you'd have seen/heard Jilly saying, "There are moments in this programme when you kind of go to heaven a bit, actually and I just have..."
Not bad, eh? It really was so much fun to hear the judges raving over Sue's puddings!)

Twelve are the hours the raisins soak



Vikki Fielden