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Posted By: Lonesome EJ
18-Sep-00 - 01:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: why Mudcat is slow..almost 300,000 posts
Subject: RE: BS: why Mudcat is slow..almost 300,000 posts
How very,very true Catspaw.But it's not just the bullshit...much of which,by the way,can be recycled into original thoughts on our Forum with relative ease...but also the random questions that are asked in the threads.These are not difficult questions,but the kind of questions an unmarried registered nurse might ask a single bank teller at a cocktail lounge : Where Do You Live? Your Favorite Movie? What Astrological Sign are You? What are the Origins of Carrickfergus? Well,maybe not the Carrickfergus one,but gently probing queries designed not to get the respondent to the sack or the marriage altar,but to let each other know "Yes! We traditional music fans are pretty damn normal humans after all! We're not the sandal-wearing,hemp-jeaned,hummus-breathed,patchouli-soaked fringe cult we're made out to be."

But,you know,we've got plenty of volunteers waiting for your posts,and right now there's very little activity in there. Remember...this is YOUR Forum.Only you,by your repeat postings,can make sure the great work continues.