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Posted By: Bill D
18-Sep-00 - 12:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: why Mudcat is slow..almost 300,000 posts
Subject: why Mudcat is slow..almost 300,000 posts
I just realized that we are almost up to 300,000 individual I wondered when we got to 100,000, and went looking...finally found it on July 27, 1999...last year! It took from Oct.96 to July 99 to get 100,000...and 14 months to add another 200,000! the early days we averaged about 3-4 posts per it's about 12..(I think catspaw raised it by 2 by himeslf..*grin*)....and this is just chat...Max can tell you stats on database hits...

So...we learned a bit about ourselves, huh?..and about how much wear & tear there is on poor shorty and his pals.

We were at 299,614 when I started this message, so I suppose 300,000 will be passed before I sign on tomorrow, but I think I'll look and see what it was....*smile*..(I didn't bother looking for 200,000)