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Posted By: Marion
17-Sep-00 - 06:26 PM
Thread Name: Modes for Mudcatters: A Synthesis Primer
Turtle, next time you're looking for this thread, you can go to "Links" (not "Quick Links") and look in the music theory category. So what are these two long threads whereof you speak?

Thanks for the clarification Hedy. But I'm not sure about your statement that I can do what I discover I can do, at least at this stage in my learning. My intuition is that it's important to know what the rules are and how to use them (or call them "conventions" or "accumulated wisdom of our craft" if you don't like the sound of "rules") before starting to deviate from them. This is a bone I have to pick with my fiddle teacher - whenever I ask a question like "when should I use unisons?" he always answers "whenever you want to - whatever sounds right to you." While I'm sure that he's right in that it's ultimately the musician's decision how to play something, as a beginner this isn't useful advice, because I don't know when I want to play unisons (or strictly speaking I never want to play unisons because they're more difficult than single notes), and I'm not educated enough to tell when they fit.

But maybe you didn't mean "do whatever you want" and just wanted to say "trust your ear to tell you what fits". There's truth to that, I'm slowly discovering. I am still hoping that somebody will confirm or deny my thesis that:

"So does that mean if you start with a G major tune you can switch casually to an E minor tune, and make a leap to some other major key and have it not sound too disjointed... whereas if you start with a tune in E Dorian it should only be followed by other tunes in E Dorian?"

But whether or not I find out if this is a standard rule, it is definitely what my ear seems to be telling me, so it's the rule I'm going with for now.

Thanks, Marion