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Posted By: mauvepink
11-Sep-10 - 08:02 PM
Thread Name: BS: Burning Korans
Subject: RE: BS: Burning Korans
To Lizzie

Where did I say I thought wrong of you Lizzie in my reply to something you wrote on this thread? I actually said "indeed Lizzie" which would point to agreement in part rather than thinking "otherwise of you".

You also write "I needed to put that down, because there has been a campaign in here to try to convince others that I am racist, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Disagree with me, by all means, but please, **never** misrepresent me."

My comments were quite general about the statement you made. I did disagree with some of it but where did I misrepresent anything. And last, if not least, at no time did I suggest you were being racist. I am capable of making my own mind up on people without reference to anything others say about them. If you think there is a campaign against you then perhaps you should discuss it with someone who can help here in charge.

Of course, if you can show me that I did say that which you 'accuse me of' then I would happily look at it again but I can assure you that no such intention was intented or in any way aluded to.

Best wishes