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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
11-Sep-10 - 11:19 AM
Thread Name: BS: Burning Korans
Subject: RE: BS: Burning Korans
mp, if you read my posts above you'll see that I equate the wrong which lies inside Islam, with the wrong which lies inside Christianity and other religions.

It is all one and the same, and I was not singling out Islam alone. Please understand that. I take offence that you would, or could, think otherwise of me.

From an earlier post of mine:

>>>"I worked with Muslims from all over the Middle East. Some were absolutely wonderful, kind, thoughtful, polite and regal...from Princes to Paupers, quite literally. Some though, were utter bastards who loathed Westerners and all we stand for.

But then, some Christians loathe Muslims and all they stand for the See-Saw of Hatred is sadly, always balanced just so...."<<<

And another of mine:

>>>"Christians burning The Koran.
Muslims buring The Bible.

There is no difference.

All that it shows is their are racist extremists in both religions.

True Christians are kind, peace-loving, compassionate and tolerant.
True Muslims are kind, peace-loving, compassionate and tolerant.

Those who seek to use religion to preach hate will do exactly that, on all sides, no matter what name the religion may have.

The Crazy Pastor is into Control and Idolisation, not of God, but of himself. Those who's religion preaches fear are purely into brainwashing...

There are little children in Iran who apparently are taught to spit on the American Flag each day, there were Muslim extremists in Gaza in 2007 who burnt Bibles, there's a crazy preacher in the US who wants to burn The Koran...

Those who want to hate, will do so.
Those who don't want to hate, will also do so.

Religion is no different from any other walk of life. It's about 'teams' with 'God' as the manager, allegedly, but of course, their God is controlled by the Corporate Directors of each team, who get him to fit in with their warped outlook on life.

I have always believed that the true 'God' is inside each and every one of us, without team name, without rules and regulations, other than Peace and Love. My 'God' needs no holy books to be read aloud by unholy men..My 'God' simply requires an acceptance of all Peoples, of all Faiths, from all backgrounds."<<<

I needed to put that down, because there has been a campaign in here to try to convince others that I am racist, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Disagree with me, by all means, but please, **never** misrepresent me.

We need to speak out about the wrong inside ALL religions, and the followers of those religions should have the loudest voices.

Thank you.

And here is a wonderful video, brought to my attention by a Palestinian 'friend' over on Facebook.

The Reverend Deborah C.Lindsay on Islamophobia