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Posted By: GUEST,Lizzie Cornish
11-Sep-10 - 03:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Burning Korans
Subject: RE: BS: Burning Korans
Emma, may I politely suggest that you read the book, rather than watch the film or listen to what critics have to say. Betty Mahmoody lived through deep trauma. She is not anti-Muslim, having been happily married to her Iranian husband for many years before her life exploded as it did. However, because of her daughter being taken to Iran and not returned, she set out on a journey that blew her apart, emotionally. It was not just the little children being taught to spit on the American flag that upset her, but the cruelty she saw all around her in so many places.

And of course, Iran, at this very moment in time, is under the watchful eyes of the world which waits in horrified amazement to see whether the rulers of Iran are going ahead with the stoning of a woman...

Iranian woman awaiting sentence to be carried out

There is a GREAT deal that is wrong inside the religion called Islam...and we need to hear the many Good Guys of Islam shouting out about that very fact...but sadly, so many keep their voices low, because they're terrified of retribution...That should not be the case...

And it's heartbreaking that on today of all days, this crazy preacher is being given centre stage in New York to spew out his religious hatred. WHY would anyone want his opinion on this? Why would anyone give this nutcase airtime? I cannot believe how mad this world has become, how deeply irresponsible the media has become.

I weep for my planet...