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Posted By: Emma B
09-Sep-10 - 08:23 PM
Thread Name: BS: Burning Korans
Subject: RE: BS: Burning Korans
"The one good thing that could come from this is that the Muslim people will know that most sensible people - irrespective of race or religion - are against this and have shown so in their comments."

I truly wish this was so but it's not reflected in many of the web sites on line - or maybe the people who contribute to hate speech are not the most 'sensible'? - either way there is a great deal of hatred and lust for revenge out there amongst so called 'Christians'

some comments taking 'a stand against liberals'

"I also think we should have bombed Mecca on 9-12-01, and we should have turned the entire region to glass"

"I am a combat vet and I say we need to stop hiding in corners whenever it concerns the camel screwers. They threaten us all the time all over the world so we have the right to do the same. Fuck them, we will not bow to a pedophile and fake muslim god."

etc etc etc