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Posted By: Ron Davies
09-Sep-10 - 07:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Burning Korans
Subject: RE: BS: Burning Korans
"lighten up".   Whatever you say.

Look, this "pastor"--who as you can see earlier in the thread has been tossed out of the church he headed in Germany because of his bigotry and manipulation -- (possibly also financial 'irregularity')---is basically shouting fire in a crowded theatre. No "free expression" issue here.

And he should be treated accordingly.    No excuses for him--or stupid facile suggestions that Moslems should take it easy. Time to live in the real world.

He's been denied a permit to burn.    Therefore the fire department should show up at his "church"--along with the police.   If he does start to set fire to Korans, the fire department should put it out immediately.    And he should be arrested for violating fire laws, disturbance of the peace, and anything else anybody can think of. He should be billed for all costs. High bond if possible.

It's going to be a media circus, so let the media capture this.   Let the videos which Moslems all over the world see be scenes of the fire department putting out the fire.
And the "pastor" being arrested and taken away. A psychological evaluation also appears appropriate.

If he wants to declare himself a martyr, let him. I think we can live with that.