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Posted By: Lox
09-Sep-10 - 06:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Burning Korans
Subject: RE: BS: Burning Korans

Its a bit soon to start blaming Moslems for things that they might or might not do.

The issue here is about Book burning plain and simple.

The context is that of the no ground zero non mosque being built in New York.

The intent is not just the ministers, but the medias to see how much support he might get.

If enough attention is drawn to this and enough of a fuss is brewed up, we may find that there are many people across America who join in, if not on site, then in seperate simultaneous events.

I hope its a damp squib, but I'm angry that this stiry is running.

I'm also angry that you have managed to find a way of blaming, and being pissed off with Moslems for their attitude, when that isn't what initiated this story, but is what this story is intended to initiate.

I am also angry that you are prepared to generalize about how Moslems feel, yet have probably not spoken to one single Moslem about it, instead probably relying on reports about "how moslems are reacting" - I'd bet fifty quid if the bookies were taking bets!

Keith - the issue isn't how oversensitive moslems are, the issue - as pretty clearly stated in the thread title and in peoples posts - is a man making a statement by burning the Koran.

You have stated "Other religions would just shrug off such an insult.
They will kill people.
That is the real problem."

So in your view, The real problem is that Moslems will kill people.

Sounds like you are very much on the same page as the reverend.