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09-Sep-10 - 01:18 PM
Thread Name: DTStudy: Bold Jack Donohue
Subject: RE: DTStudy: Bold Jack Donohue
Bold Jack Donahue as performed by O.C Davis and Red Harmon at Shafter FSA Camp, 1940.

Come all you jolly highway men and outlaws of the land
Whose kind do live in slavery or wear a convict's brand.
Attention pay to what I say and value it if you do
While I relate the naturala fate of Bold Jack Donahue.

This bold adopted highwayman as you may understand
Transported by a natural life from Ireland's happy land
From Dublin down while I reknown his first breath he drew
His deeds of honor entitle him to Bold Jack Donahue.

When he effected his escape to rob he went straightway
The people were afraid of him to travel night or day
For every day in the newspapers they were reading of something new
Concerning this bold highwayman called Bold Jack Donahue.

Will Wright, McClellan, Bill Collins and also Winselow
These were the four associates of Bold Jack Donahue.

Bold Donahue and his comrades rode out one afternoon
Not thinking of the hands of death that may o'er sail them soon
But acurst police to their surprise they quickly rode in view
And in quick turn they did advance to take Bold Donahue.

Bold Donahue to his comrades: if you prove true to me
Be willing, be bold, be upright, be legally firm and true
This day we'll gain our liberty said bold Jack Donahue.

Oh no, said cowardly Winselow to that we won't agree
For you see there are l5 of them and it's best for us to flee
For if we stay we'll lose the day and battle we will rue
Be gone from me you cowardly dog said Bold Jack Donahue.

The sergent unto Donahue: what do you carobine
Will you attempt to fight us or unto us resign
To surrender to such cowardly dogs is something I never would do
I'll fight this day until I die said Bold Jack Donahue.

The sergeant and the corporal their men they did divide
While some rode in behind him and others at his side
The sergeant fired at him and the people fired too

Nine men he forced to bite the dust before the fatal ball
Had pierced the heart of Donahue which caused him for to fall
And when he closed his trembling eyes he bid this world adieu
Dear Christians all pray for the soul of Bold Jack Donahue.

"Learned in South McAllister, Oklahoma."