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Posted By: Lox
08-Sep-10 - 02:09 PM
Thread Name: BS: Burning Korans
Subject: RE: BS: Burning Korans
"As a rule, Jews have been scapegoated, hated and feared for the past two millenia because of a refusal to assimilate and integrate and be "Just Like Us." That is our reality."

Actually, these criticisms are levelled at every scapegoat.

Moslems in the UK "refuse to integrate to be just like us" (catter Ake is one of the first to defend this assertion) and in France they are forced to wear western clothes. In holland they have to pay a tax to wear moslem clothes. in the USA they are being hounded out of their property ...

... Roma's in France "refusing to integrate" have been paid off by the french government to leave the country ...

Either we discriminate on grounds of Race/religion or we don't.

Do you?