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Posted By: Little Hawk
08-Sep-10 - 02:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: Burning Korans
Subject: RE: BS: Burning Korans
How do we get God to confirm that he agrees with that pastor's actions, Tunesmith? ;-)

In most wars everyone except militant communists claims that God is backing their side! This means either that...

1. Someone is lying.
2. Someone is mistaken.
3. God backs all sides. (an intriguing way of looking at it...)


4. They're just blathering away like that to motivate their soldiers and make them feel good about killing the people on the other side. Just standard government propaganda, in other words.

Communists, however, have usually made it a really strong point to the Party faithful that God is NOT backing their side or anyone else's, because there IS no God (except for the Party, of course...heh!)...and there are no holy books (except the ones written by Marx and Engels which state clearly that there is no God).

It's equally self-serving bullshit on either side, in my opinion, but everybody likes to think they're special and that their way is best, don't they? ;-)

My point to all that is, why should I focus exclusively on how self-serving and vain the religious of this world may be when the anti-religious of this world are so often equally self-serving and vain?

Ebbie - The ripe mango isn't code for anything. I literally want Chongo to pass me a ripe mango because they're delicious, I want Allah to give me strength, I want God to give me patience, I want Jesus to help keep my sense of humour alive in stressful times, I want the Communists to provide free health care, the capitalists to provide flexible entrepreneurship, the religious and the anti-religious to both mind their own busines and not pester other people, and I'd also like to have a new Dachshund pup and maybe half a million in the bank. ;-)