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Posted By: Hedy West (current membership)
15-Sep-00 - 01:57 AM
Thread Name: Modes for Mudcatters: A Synthesis Primer

The "current membership" is a device to differentiate between me-real & me-faux: I was "honored" by an impersonater on this website starting I think in January. "Current..." is the real-version; I've just been talking strolls here a couple of weeks. Thanks for the welcome.

I wrote that bit above in answer to your, "So if you have a song where you play G chord on the first two bars, then C on the next two bars, then D on the next two bars... does that mean that in bars 3 and 4 the tone centre is C, and in bars 5 and 6 the tone centre is D, and the underlying tonality is G? Is that what you mean by changing the tone centre? Or can you say that bars 3 and 4 are actually in the key of C major and that there has been a short-lived modulation?"

"Tonal centre" is synonymous with "tonic". You seemed to have been asking whether one is changing the tonic/tonal center each two measures in a standard I IV V I progression.

Your, " Doesit also apply to the sequence of tunes within a medley? I mean, would you play a G major reel on the fiddle (with your guitarist playing G, C, D, Em) then go straight into a C major reel (with the guitarist playing C, F, G, Am) then a D major reel then another G major reel?"

In standard traditional playing, I do not think that formula was followed; BUT, that ought to be a most satisfactory sounding formula. Folk forms are shorter, and didn't generally get carried away to larger applications of harmonic movements - that was what happened in Western classical music, and to what marvellous places it DID get carried! Viz., in Brahms, there's glorious "carrying"!

It's MY opinion that you CAN do what you discover you CAN do.

The one-step-up tonal movement is a sort of one-time-thing, a bit of a static terracing that doesn't move you along with the dynamic of creating a demand for the return of the tonic, like the I IV V I sequence. (Or some more elaborate variations of the same). BUT, it's fun.

So, have it!